V. Infinitives & Gerunds:
– Verb + to Inf
– Verb + Gerund
– Verb + Inf/Gerund (same meaning) (Ex: begin, start, continue)
– Verb + Inf/Gerund (different meanings) (Ex: remember, try, go on, regret)
– Expression + to Inf: It’s hard, It’s easy, It’s difficult, etc. (Ex: It’s hard to remember everything)
– Expression + Gerund: It’s no use, it’s no good, there’s no point, it’s (not) worth, etc. (Ex: There’s no point complaining all the time)
– To Inf làm chủ ngữ/bổ ngữ (Ex: To study hard is every student’s responsibility)
– Gerund làm chủ ngữ/bổ ngữ (Ex: My dream is traveling around the world)