Các lĩnh vực trong cuộc sống được phân thành những hạng mục để tham khảo khi cần thiết cho mục đích của mỗi người


Wikipedia's contents: Categories

Categories (along with other features like cross-references, lists, and infoboxes) help you to find information, even if you don't know what exists or what it's called. The following list of categories of Wikipedia's coverage parallels our other lists by topic. 

P literature.svg General reference 


P culture.svg Culture and the arts 

Main categories: Culture and Arts

P countries-vector.svg Geography and places 



P medicine.svg Health and fitness 

Main categories: Health, Self care, and Healthcare occupations

Klepsydra-pt.svg History and events 

P mathematics.svg Mathematics and logic 

P physics.svg Natural and physical sciences 

P vip.svg People and self 

Main categories: People, Personal life, Self and Surnames

Socrates blue version2.png Philosophy and thinking 

P religion.png Religion and belief systems 

Main categories: Religion and Belief

P social sciences.png Society and social sciences 

P train.svg Technology and applied sciences

C Puzzle.png
Main categories: Technology and Applied sciences